India and Maldives

 The Maldives is an archipelago of 1200 Coral islands spanning roughly 115 square miles. The Maldives is  Asia’s smallest Nation both by area and by population.  India was among the first to recognize the Maldives after its independence in 1965 and to establish diplomatic relations with the country.  India established its mission in Male in … Read more

India Sri Lanka

India Sri Lanka relationship is more than 2500 years old. Both countries share linguistic, religious, and ethnic ties. Sri Lanka, previously known as Ceylon became independent in 1948. Both countries share a broad understanding on major issues of international interests. In recent years both the countries are cooperating at levels Various levels in the field … Read more

India – Afghanistan

India – Afghanistan’s relationship is based on long historical and cultural links. Since ancient times, the peoples of Afghanistan and India have interacted with each other through trade and commerce, peaceful coexistence, shared cultural values and commonalities.  Afghanistan has been an important trading and craft centre for over 2000 years connecting India with the civilizations … Read more